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We are IHA & ibum member and IBUM & IHA certified.

What is Oxygen?

Oxygen is present in the air and consists of only 19 ~ 21% oxygen, which humans need to live.

Our body cannot function without oxygen. A person can only go without oxygen for a few minutes. The body needs oxygen as fuel for the muscles and organs to function, such as to burn food.Carbon dioxide CO2 is one of the waste products that are released after this combustion, which the lungs exhale again.

The oxygen we breathe enters the blood through the lungs and travels with the blood to the places where energy is needed, such as the organs and cells.During movement and exercise, a cell needs more oxygen to produce muscle energy. Breathing speeds up to get enough oxygen from the air. The average use is one to two liters per minute.

We need oxygen to live, without oxygen irreparable damage to the brain can be done after just a few minutes.

Why Oxygen?

Energy is needed for walking, thinking, talking and even doing nothing. Just keeping ourselves warm requires energy. Our body makes energy by ‘burning’ food. This combustion also requires oxygen.

The main goal of oxygen treatment is to increase life expectancy and far. In addition, exercising is better and rapid fatigue lessens.Extra oxygen therefore ensures a better quality of life.

Our soft sitting hyperbaric chamber is a special medical and sport equipment for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The difference between the soft sitting model and the soft lying type is that the sitting model is a vertical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which means it is more flexible and convenient.

One of the sitting chamber’s most distinguished features is that it has a height-adjustable folding chair inside the chamber for ultimate comfort. So it’s fexible for people sitting or semi-lying inside.

Office workers can enjoy oxygen therapy inside the chamber while working with a computer, laptop or iPad. Or just take a power nap during the session. Moreover, some people with poor legs can directly push the wheelchair into the oxygen chamber to enjoy oxygen therapy as well.

Our two models HBOT SL-170 and HBOT-ST-220 are the same sitting/semi lying cabine, only the length is different. The length of HBOT-SL-T170 is 170 cm and the length HBOT-SL-220 is 220 cm. HBOT SL-220 is a larger size, the space inside is also larger.

Benefits of Oxygen?

Anti- & reverse Aging

Reduce stress & Protect brains

Reduce sports injuries & Pain

Improve work ability & Energy level

Boost immune system & Fights infections

Improve blood flow & Sport performance

Enhance metabolism & Beautify the skin.


Personal experience

First, I am a healthy person. So I can’t feel the medical effects.
But many reports and researches have shown that people get benefits from it.
And I am not a doctor, you can google it and check those benefits.

Second, as a worker engaged in foreign trade industry, I usually need to wake up early and stay up late to talk with my clients because of time difference.
Which always makes me tired in the daytime…… And sometimes may make me work inefficiently, that’s bad.
So, I always take a (power) nap in our chambers in the afternoon, to pick myself up. Always about 45min to 70min. Usually, I work overtime three days a week, so… I take a nap for three times a week.
And I have to say, that helps. In the chamber, I am so easy to fall asleep…

I used to have a bad memory. Using hyperbaric chambers makes me much better. And absorb oxygen boosts my metabolism.

So I always look energetic in the afternoon. And have the strength to talk with many clients and do my job.

You know, after exercise, the body produces lactic acid which makes us feel tired and something, it’s very good to use hyperbaric oxygen chambers after exercise, it enhances the removal of lactic acid and speeds recovery.

We all know that the pandemic is serious around the world.
Hyperbaric oxygen can help keep us healthy, and strengthen our immunity system to fight against the virus.

We have many many many inquiries from India recently…

That’s all what I want to share with you, It’s up to you to think to have a hyperbaric oxygen chambers or not.


What is the Principle of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Under normal circumstances, only 21% of the oxygen in the air, and oxygen easily enters the red blood cells and transports as the red blood cells move. The oxygen dissolved in the blood is very small, far from the needs of the human body. According to Henry’s law, the higher the gas pressure, the easier the gas dissolves into the liquid. Therefore, under high pressure and high concentration of oxygen, oxygen will be more easily dissolved into the blood to meet the needs of the human body.

How does the high pressure oxygen machine work?

First, the compressor compresses the air into the chamber to form a closed high-pressure environment, and then the oxygen concentrator inputs the high-concentration oxygen into the chamber through physical oxygen production. Finally, the temperature and humidity of the chamber are adjusted by the cooling machine to create a comfortable treatment environment. The entire machine can be opened and closed inside and outside, and there is a dashboard inside and outside to observe the air pressure. At the same time, each machine is equipped with two constant pressure valves to ensure a constant air pressure inside the chamber. For safety reasons, we also installed an emergency pressure relief valve inside to quickly relieve pressure and ensure safety.

Oxygen Water

After knowing all the benfits of Oxygen, we start producing also Oxygen Water. Water is something we all need to drink every day. So why not drink water with extra Oxygen in it which helps you body and mind work much better. In our oxygenated Oxygen Water oxygen still remains in the water after opening as minimum several hours. We have connected oxygen with the water on the molecular level.

We zijn blij om klant te zijn bij O2-King.com, omdat ze klant behandelen echt als een “King”. Er wordt maatwerk geleverd en goed geluisterd wat een klant echt nodig heeft. Verder denken ze ook mee aan de toekomst perspectief, daarin willen ze het beste voor een klant. Wij gebruiken om coginitieve verbeteringen/ stress vermindering. Bij het doorgaans gebruik ervaren wij ook met metabolisme verbetert en dat het iets doet met je huid. 


I am very satisfied with my oxygen cabin. This is ideal for my children as well as for myself to make personal progress. I especially like the personal contact and the service provided. I heartily recommend O2-KING as a reliable partner to do business with. 

Greetings Roland

Ik heb onlangs de zuurstof cabine gebruikt voor de behandeling van longcovid en ben erg blij met de resultaten. Ik merkte een aanzienlijke verbetering in mijn algehele welzijn en mijn hersenmist nam af. Helaas ben ik nog niet volledig hersteld van longcovid, maar ik zou de zuurstof cabine zeker aanbevelen aan anderen die worstelen met vergelijkbare symptomen. Het was de moeite waard voor mij.

– 5 jr chronische elleboogklachten(beide armen) waar geen behandeling voor te vinden was.
Nu na 30x 1 uur in de zuurstof cabine van O2-KING,gaat het eindelijk met baby stapjes vooruit,ik kan zelf weer een klein beetje mezelf douchen,scheren en meer van dat soort simpele dingen.
Ik heb nu weer een beetje hoop gekregen dat ik toch misschien weer zou kunnen herstellen..
– Mike 51 jr –